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It's more than just a booking site for your Business.  PlatinumBNB is a fully engineered E-Commerce Platform.

Customers searching for specific tourism information receive extensive content via our Exclusive SEO Vita ONE Campaign.

What that means to you? 

Customers get to know more about the full extent of your business in real-time including all of the categories your business has to offer.  Check out some examples below.

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We can create Blogs

Hummingbird Beach Resort

By Hummin Bird tester Saint Lucia Saint Lucia | July 25, 2021

A Beautiful day in Saint Lucia from atop Jade Mountain. Visit Saint Lucia and get to know the Island.

What is a Blog?

A blog is an excellent way to gain audiences interested in Specific topics.

"A View of Saint Lucia's Pitons"  Check out the Blog written by our Sample Vendor and you will find a video of the Saint Lucia Pitons and so will people searching for that specifically.

We can Create one for your business or create many.  "Touring through the Panamanian Rain Forest with Will and Eve" or "Making Jerk Chicken with Beth and Fred in Jamaica".  All of what your business can do can be added in addition to your E-Commerce Site through your businesses free custom Blogs.  Using our "Follow" Button Customers can receive Blog updates as well as the Blogs being on the World Wide Web.

Connect to Social Media Directly

Add or create social media profiles.  Each of your Blog, Products, Sales, Accountments, and Updates can be feed directly to your Social Media.

What that means? When your business creates a Blog, New Product, Announcement Etc.  That update will post automatically to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube Channel... ( These settings are Custom and can be Optional by your choice), but its a fantastic way for an announcement to get Shared in all of the Social Media outlets without having to Repost them.  It's Simple and saves hours of time.

Check out the Live Interactive Business Finder

The Live Map lets the customers center in on the area they are interested in traveling to.  As Travelers zoom in they will find your location on our Map and that is where the fun begins.

Your Rooms, Villas, Tour Specials, Massage and Spa rates, Restaurant's Info, Items such as Scooter Rentals, Yoga Classes and More will be illustrated in your Businesses E-Commerce Platform.

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Getting On-Board

Once your business creates a free no obligation account with PlatinumBNB, we will built out the Storefront for you.


What takes our builders a few hours to complete with your cooperation ( your business will send us high res images and price description information), we will build out all of the products, will just save us all time.  "We do it for you".

Rooms, Tours, Rentals, Services, Add-ons, Cross-selling, Up-sales, the Photo Galleries, the Blogs, The Search Engine Optimization and more.  Yes we build it, No worries, No Problem.


Become a PlatinumBNB Host

Your Business's Full Management Portal

PLatinumBNB adds additional avenues of Exposure for your business which equals additional revenue.  We do something most other Tourism Platforms do not do; We show the World the entire business on our LIVE feed Geo Finder.

After the store set up is complete (with No Obligation)and your business decides to stay active, that's when we will enter the accounting information together.  Follow the link below to register an Account for Business.